Promote interest in and support of local and global missions in the areas of prayer and financial support. 

Promote a one-to-one involvement with the missionaries supported by the church,

Provide education on missions today.

Promote interest and involvement of church members in short and long term missions

Randy and Diana Smyth

Westfield, Massachusetts

Randy Smyth has been in ministry since 1970 when a local missionary came to his house and told his family about the people in the world who had never heard the gospel. For seventeen years Randy was a bush pilot who assisted missionary teams who were planting churches among unreached people groups. Diana’s service began by volunteering for Cru in college. She then worked with Cru for many years before marrying Randy and joining him in his ministry.

Randy and Diana Smyth now live in the States and work to mobilize Christians as missionaries. They recruit and educate Christians who have a passion for missions and the unreached peoples of the world. They send them to share the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus. Please pray for the Smyths as they continue to seek and train those willing to go.

Missionary Website

Ed and Rosa Salo


Since 1995 Ed and Rosa began an orphanage in Chihuahua Mexico. Their mission is to show God’s love as father to the fatherless, to see the children's lives changed by this love, and then to send those children to serve the rest of the world. God has blessed their ministry and in 2010 they were able to begin a second orphanage in Chihuahua to work with the Tarahumara Indians. They have changed the lives of the children they work with and even instances given them opportunities to discover and pursue their dreams. Eleven of the children have gone on to pursue a college degree. Please pray for the Salos as they continue their ministry to the children in Mexico.

Missionary Website

Phil and Shelly Svoboda

Asia-Pacific Region

Phil and Shelley Svoboda began their ministry to the Kendawangan people in Borneo Indonesia in 2011. They Started with four years of cross-cultural training. About a year into their training, they also began to learn the culture and language of the Kendawangan people. After about four years of studying and preparation the Svobodas began teaching the Scriptures to the Kendawangans

Since 2014 they have been working on translating the Bible into the Puang language. Recently the entire book of Mark has been translated, printed, and distributed to believers in the village. Please pray for Phil, Shelley and their children as they continue their work to spread the Gospel in Indonesia and to make the Bible available to these people.

Missionary Website

Olga Goncharenko

Eastern Europe

Clearway Clinic

Springfield, MA

Mission: We rescue men, women and unborn children from abortion and abortion trauma. Clearway Clinic has been helping women and families in Massachusetts for nearly 22 years and has served approximately 10,000 families. We provide HIPAA compliant, compassionate care and a safe environment for women to review all their options. All women are welcome regardless of what they ultimately decide to do. We are a state licensed medical clinic with a team of board certified doctors and nurses that provides free healthcare to women in Central and Western Massachusetts. We do not provide or refer for abortions and we are careful to disclose this fact before setting up any appointments. Our team of medical professionals provide objective, non-judgmental medical care in a time when you need it most. We educate, support and encourage every one of our patients. 

Clearway Clinic Website

Between Bridges

Springfield, MA

Between Bridges is a Christian outreach to the homeless community in the Springfield, MA area that provides the Word of God in an outdoor church setting. Since 2013, we have helped meet the needs through the compassion of Christ and the Word of God.