Our nursery serves to care for your infants and toddlers in a safe and nurturing environment. After dropping your child off, relax and enjoy the service! Our team serves to ensure your infant(s) and toddler(s) are well taken care of, and have a great experience while in our care.


At CCHC we don’t want our kids to think they are just the future of the church, but part of the church now. We incorporate our children in as much of church life as is age-appropriate. We have a special teaching time for both younger kids and older kids during the sermon time. Our younger kids are being taught God's Word through a curriculum called the Gospel Project. The older elementary and Jr. high students are being taught from the same passage of the Bible as the adults are hearing in the sermon.


We want our youth to see that their involvement in the church is both desired and needed. Many of our youth serve in areas like the worship team, nursery, and as assistant teachers for the younger kids ministry. Jr. and Sr. high students join their parents in the church service to learn and participate. We also provide other events, service opportunities, weekly youth group meetings and mission trips to aid parents in the discipleship of their teenagers.


The Women of Christ Community of Hampshire County, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are committed to spurring each other on to a closer relationship with God and one another by studying God's word together, meeting together regularly, and making disciples, all for the glory of the Lord. Whether you are in the workplace, single or married, with children or without we hope you will attend a women’s breakfast, small group, conference or retreat.


The purpose of Men’s Ministries is to disciple and equip men to follow Christ, whether married, single, older, or younger. We seek to do this through teaching, fellowship, and service; providing opportunity for fostering relationships, so that men can grow in conformity to Christ. We hope to see you at a men’s breakfast, small group or retreat sometime soon.


Small groups are at the heart of our church community. It is where relationships are taken to a deeper level. Small groups meet in homes and at the church building to studying the Bible, sharing life together, praying for one another, and finding ways to serve.